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tian’anmen stone lions paws bronze lion sculpture

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These are Chinese guardian lions, known as Shishi (meaning “stone lion”) or Imperial guardian lion, and often called “Fu Dogs” in the West. Qing “Guardian Lions” holding some objects with their right paws.

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Lion dance is a form of traditional dance in chinese culture, in which performers mimic a lion's movements in a lion costume and is usually performed during chinese festivals such as Chinese New Year.

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The location of the stone lion is settled in China . Generally, it should be a pair of lions with female in the right hand side and male the left according to Chinese traditional Yin and Yang philosophy. The female lion is usually carved to have a child lion between her paws, while the male lion is playing a ball with one paw.

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Hundreds of artistically unique stone lions from different eras line both sides of the bridge. The most intriguing feature of these beasts is the fact that there are more lions hiding on the head, back or under the belly or on paws of each of the big lions.

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DESCRIPTION. Beijing Today is the Chinese capital’s English bi-weekly newspaper. We’ve been serving the expat and English-speaking communities since May 2001.

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Chinese Stone Lion Stone lion is carved out of stone, which is the common ornament in Chinese traditional architecture, such as imperial palace, temple, Buddha pagoda, bridge, mausoleum, mansion, gardens and so on.

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Indeed, like images of the dragon, carved lions can be seen almost everywhere in China. The most famous carved lions are the pair that guard Tian’ anmen,the main entrance of the Forbidden City. Several meters tall, these marble lions have been poised imposingly on the stone plinths for more than 500 years.

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The female lion is usually carved to have a child lion between her paws, while the male lion is playing a ball with one paw. When people enter the building, the female lion should be at the left hand side and the male at the right. However, there are the exceptions, such as the stone lions outside the Temple of Guan Yu in Jiayu Pass and the …


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