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Custom Service

“For us what makes bronze a compelling medium to work with is its long endurance, diversity and its beauty.”

As artists and craftsmen we are here to help you maintain the beauty and originality of your architectural and sculptural art, including: bronze deer figurines,wall street bull and bear statue,bronze dog statue,bronze standing elk sculpture and many more. Today we still continue to work diligently on our craft so that your product can last for years to comes.

custom bronze horse statue
custom bronze horse statue

We deal with a wide range of customers ranging from dealers, design companies (interior design, architecture design,landscape design…), artists, suppliers and private customers.You Fine Sculpture widely known as the world leading sculpture producers is the only sculpture company that exhibit about 15 new sculpture designs every month, which is very helpful for dealers to talk over their targeting market.

We are passionate about sourcing and creating the finest sculptures.


How to Commission A Sculpture of bronze animal statue

1.You supply us with several photographs with dimensions and deadline


2.Quote given to client


3.First payment due & clay mold begins


4.As the mold is being made, we are in constant contact with you showing the progress.


5.Changes and alterations are made to the mold. The mold will only be cast after your approval


6.The sculpture is cast in Bronze.custom bronze patriotic sculpture


7.Patina and a protective wax coating are hand-applied.


8.We Deliver, You Enjoy!

bronze lion statue for sale
bronze lion statue for sale

What are animal sculptures?


Animal sculptures are zoomorphic (animal form) figurines. The motif is particularly challenging for artists and manufacturers because of the ingenuity and skill required to precisely sculpt and cast the contrasting textures and fine details. The animal sculptures offered by You Fine Art Sculpture vary in size – making them appropriate for rooms, terraces, gardens, and ponds – and in style to fit any decor from the most traditional to the most modern. Birds, bulls, cats, and elephants are the most popular animals for artists and art enthusiasts alike, but with such an extensive assortment, any animal lover is sure to find their favorite.


For what kind of decor is bronze sculpture?


Because of its millenia-long history in art and decoration as well as its beautiful aging-process, bronze sculptural decor is often thought of when decorating ones living or business space. Contemporary bronze sculptures include an extensive number of styles, motifs, and sizes to distinctly express one’s personal taste, whether it be a small bronze figures or a traditional bronze lion statues in the garden. Contemporary bronze sculptures possess a unique expressiveness because of their material and casting technique and can fit in anywhere.

bronze deer statue
bronze deer statue

Commission An Original bronze animal Statue

As we all know that “Art originates from life” For artist,it is even a belief.From abstract conception to vivid sculpture,as partner,client and our professional
Such custom statue are usually used for recalling family or friends,commercial display,public memorial,and historical monument…What is more, these artworks or a wall plaque tells us a story!Remind you of a great moment, give you a deep relief or just make you smile, as you remember a person or that special event.
A bronze animal statue will last forever.So,finding the right artist to create your sculpture only belongs to you is crucial.master Hand and master Song specializes in customizing sculptures for clients in the past 30 years, mainly include large brass deer statues,bull and bear bronze sculpture,brass elk statue,bronze rabbit sculpture etc.He will help you to reflect what you are looking for and guide what youshould do. Thus,finish the sculpture you desire.If you are interested, you can clik here to see our Projects of Custom Bronze Statue we has ever made
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If there is something you don’t see on our website… we would be happy to create it for you in bronze.