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Bronze Dog Sculpture – Perfect Garden Ornament

Why choose a bronze dog sculpture?

Do you have a Large Bronze dog sculpture in your garden or yard? With such decorations your garden will be very different, won’t it? Compared to other animals, dogs and humans have always had a very close relationship. Many people love to have dogs some even consider them as their family members. This bronze dog sculpture will make your garden interesting.


Our bronze dog sculptures are available in a wide variety of designs and in a variety of sizes. We can recommend the right style and size for you depending on where you are placing it. If you have a design you would like to create, send us pictures and we can make it to your specifications with a high degree of reproduction. We guarantee all our bronze sculptures to be at least 98% reproducible.


Advantages of our Bronze Dog Sculptures

Firstly, all bronze sculptures we make clay films and strictly follow a 1:1 ratio. One of the most important aspects of our models is the silica sol process, which guarantees the perfect detail of our bronze sculptures. Secondly, the reduction. Resilience is one of the most important indicators of bronze, and the bronze we make in our factory is guaranteed to have no more than 2% wear and tear, so the resilience is very high. Thirdly, the thickness of the bronze. The thickness of the copper ensures its firmness, we ensure that all our copper sculptures have a standard thickness.


Feedback from our customers

We recently received a feedback graph from an Australian customer. He installed this Outdoor  Bronze Dog Sculpture in his garden and we thought it was so beautiful when we saw this image. This bronze dog sculpture was made from an image sent to us by a client who had a beloved pet that sadly passed away and wanted a sculpture to commemorate it in his garden. We were so sorry to hear about our client’s loss, so we did our best to make this sculpture.


We would offer you the lowest price for all bronze sculptures if you place your order before August 25.



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