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Life Size Bronze Black Bear Sculpture for Sale Outdoor Park Decor


This life size bronze black bear sculpture is a testament to the artistry that brings the beauty of nature into the realm of artistic expression.
Item No: BAN-006
Material: Antique Bronze
Size: Customized Size You Want
Package: Strong Wooden Case
Technology: Lost Wax Method
Advantage: Factory Direct; Door to Door Delivery

Bronze Black Bear Sculpture Description

This bronze black bear sculpture captures the essence of strength and grace. Skillfully crafted, the sculpture depicts a majestic black bear in a lifelike pose, with attention to detail that highlights the powerful muscles and distinctive features of this magnificent creature. The bronze finish lends a rich and timeless quality to the sculpture, enhancing the intricate textures of the bear’s fur. Standing as a symbol of both wilderness and resilience, this bronze black bear sculpture is a testament to the artistry that brings the beauty of nature into the realm of artistic expression.

bronze bear sculpture

Provide Customization Services

YouFine Factory offers a range of customization services for large bear statues for sale. Customers can choose or modify the posture and expression of the bear statue according to their own needs. Whether they prefer a standing, sitting, or upright posture, or a bear-and-bear combination design, YouFine could create sculptures that reflect the desired emotion or character, depending on the client’s requirements. Additionally, customers can specify the size and proportions they want for the large bear statue. We also make many designs of life-size bronze bear statues.

 Outdoor Decorative Bronze Bear Statues for sale

Why Choose Our Bronze Statues?

  1. YouFine has the most professional and skilled clay model artists who make animal clay sculptures. Our top clay modeling artists have decades of experience in making animal clay models. Whether it is the details of animal fur or the emotions conveyed by expressions, artists can perfectly restore them.
  2. YouFine is proficient in the most traditional bronze sculpture production process, the lost wax method, and can make full use of the 33 processes of casting bronze statues to create the most perfect bronze statues.
  3. In addition, YouFine also has a professional QC team to supervise and inspect every process of sculpture production. Make sure there is no quality problem after the statue is cast.

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Professional Clay Model Sculptor

Dive into Our Bronze Bear Collection

We offer a vast collection of bronze animal sculptures ranging from wildlife to abstract art, each bearing the hallmark of our craftsmanship and dedication.

Large Outdoor Casting Bronze Bear Statue Modern Garden Decor Factory Supplier

If you want to add a bear sculpture to a vast outdoor space, a bronze bear statue is always one of the most perfect ones. Contact YouFine to get popular bronze bear sculpture designs.


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